Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Repair, Installation, and Maintenance for Greenville Residents

Heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. Heat pumps move heat, rather than generating it, for a high energy efficiency at a lower cost. Although its name is a bit misleading, a heat pump is used for both heating and cooling homes and businesses. Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool area to a warm area, transferring the heat between the outdoors and your home. This provides a low-energy and low-cost solution for heating and cooling your property.

Advanced Climate Control, LLC provides heat pump installation, replacement and repairs. If you are having any problems with your existing heat pump, or you are interested in switching to a heat pump system, ACC can help. If you are not sure what solution is right for you, call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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ACC is your one-stop shop for all your heat pump needs. If you need heating and air service in the Greenville SC area, contact us today.

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Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump is not working properly, call Advanced Climate Control today. We will provide you with a free in-home consultation to diagnose the issue and implement the correct solution. A broken heat pump will make your home swelteringly hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. It is crucial to get the heating or cooling back on as soon as possible and return your home to climate-controlled comfort. At ACC, our team will always schedule your repair as soon as possible, and provide excellent service and quality work, at a fair price.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and can drastically reduce your electric bill. If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, consider installing a heat pump in your home. While heat pumps are not recommended for extremely hot or cold temperatures, the moderate climate of Upstate South Carolina is ideal for heat pumps. For more information on heat pump installation, contact Advanced Climate Control today.

Advanced Climate Control, LLC has been providing the Greenville, SC area with quality heating and air services since 2005. We care about our community and love to help Upstate homeowners and business owners with all their climate control needs. For heat pump repair, replacement or installation in the Greenville area, call ACC today!